Denis Huré is the C.E.O and co-founder of the first club (TFC). He is responsible for the company’s overall management and strategy as well as worldwide financial and legal operations, focusing on International strategic partnerships, European and Asian business development.

Denis was born in 1965 in France. His corporate background has included positions with KPMG, Computer Associates and Claris (Apple’s Software subsidiary). He has undeniable expertise in marketing, international sales, finance and emerging technologies.

In 1994, Denis joined Interplay Entertainment Corp, one of the major video game publishers at the time. He was given the task of handling the European setup as well as the day-to-day running of their licensing division – Interplay OEM, Inc, by its founder, Jill Goldworn. Denis was instrumental in the growth and international development of this group.

In 2002, Denis and Jill both left Interplay to join forces and set up The Licensing Agency Inc., (TLA). TLA is an international marketing services agency specializing in digital promotions and brand development. Denis’ and Jill’s integrity, knowledge and hard work enabled them to develop a strong legacy in the world of entertainment promotional marketing.

Denis has a deep-seated interest in consumer direct marketing and new-technologies. Through his previous endeavors he developed a strong understanding of loyalty programs, digital sales promotions and corporate rewards and incentives having worked across these sectors for most of his career.

In his spare time, Denis reads and contributes to various marketing magazines and is passionate about Magic being an active member of ‘The Magic Circles’.

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